• Easy

    We work hard to simplify your ordering process. You can focus on what matters.
  • Free

    Never a cost to pharmacists. Our trusted suppliers completely cover your cost.
  • Profitable

    Profit matters. We designed our system to maximize your savings potential.
  • Easy to use

    Whether you have one pharmacy or a hundred you can see store performance at a glance with ConceptRx’s detailed Summary Report emailed to you as often as you choose and real-time email alerts when activity occurs in your store(s).

  • Fine-Tuned Ordering

    Many users find our software to be the most effective way to buy pharmaceuticals. The ability to see every package size, price, and manufacturer for each item in one menu brings clarity to a complex process. There are many other features like this available to help you fine-tune your order and put you in control.

  • Reports / Email Alerts

    Our powerful analytics compares your wholesaler prices and use data with Conceptrx supplier prices, filters the results through the Budget and Buying Control parameters you set and creates your Approved Order List. This list contains only drugs that meet your buying preferences ensuring everything you buy from ConceptRx means extra profit for your pharmacy.

  • Every store, covered

    Whether you have one store, or many – Manage them all from a single account and give other pharmacists access to the tools they need.

  • Integrated Price Comparisons

    We have made price comparison an integral part of the ConceptRx process. See your savings right now, with our excellent savings preview tool.

  • Buying Controls / Rebate Protection

    You control what and how much you buy by entering your Budget and Buying Control settings. Protect your wholesaler rebates by setting the Budget Allowance to the amount you are over spending to get your maximum wholesaler rebate.

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