• Cutting-Edge Software

    ConceptRx was designed with one core strategy in mind – Eliminate the question marks. We wanted our members to benefit from a software that is easy to use and that improves workflow.

    By utilizing modern, cutting-edge techniques, we have created a software that meets and exceeds our core concepts. ConceptRx engineers continue to follow this strategy. Yet, we understand that no software is perfect, and so, we are constantly improving our software to become even more effective and easy to use.

  • Comprehensive Cost Comparisons

    Letting you know exactly what you will pay and what you can save is one of our main goals. This is why we have made price comparison an integral part of the ConceptRx process. See your savings right now, with our excellent savings preview tool!

  • Complete Drug Selection

    The ConceptRx drug database includes a huge selection of generic drugs. New generic drugs are added to the database as they become available to the general market. We want you to make sure that you can begin ordering them right away, so that you can be another step ahead of the competition.

  • Trusted Suppliers

    Many of our registered suppliers have an extensive history with us. We've gotten to know and trust them over the years and we believe that you will find the same trust and support in them as we do. They are one of our strongest assets. They make an effort every day to keep their prices low, so you can keep your savings high.

  • Intelligent Searching

    ConceptRx searching has been designed to make finding the generic drug you want fast and easy. Just type part of the drug's generic or brand name or enter its NDC number and press ENTER. Then, the software will quickly search through our complete selection of generic drugs to find what you want.

  • Epic Buying Control

    Our amazing Package/Price/Manufacturer menu is touted by many users as the most effective way to buy pharmaceuticals, period. You can see every package size, price, and manufacturer for each item in one single menu. Always want to order from a particular manufacturer? Lock a manufacturer on an item, and you'll never have to make that decision again. Is the item you want short-dated or already on-order? ConceptRx makes sure you know about it. This is still just the beginning. There are many additional settings available to help you fine-tune your entire ordering process.

  • Time-Saving List Management

    Our list management tools make working with lists of items easy. Once you've provided data from your wholesaler - our list management settings kick in to guide you toward the items you need, and those which get you maximum savings. Star items to keep track of them in a custom list. Sort items by their status, such as: "Previously Ordered", "On Order", "Short Dated", and others. make adjustments to items in the list by right-clicking the item to pull up a context menu. Or make adjustments to multiple items at once by using the checkbox.

  • Multi-Store Capabilities

    Managing multiple pharmacies in multiple locations can be a challenge. This is why ConceptRx has integrated multi-store management capabilities, so your stores are covered. You can manage multiple "stores" at one time, allowing you to easily place orders for each store individually, view multi-store reports, and more. Then assign employees access to one or more of your stores, allowing them to manage and place orders. Monitor ordering activity to verify accuracy. Watch your savings stack up from anywhere in the world.

  • Detailed Reports

    We don't have to hide fees from you, because there are none. Instead, we want to show you how much you are saving. We keep track of what you've spent and what you've saved. With our detailed reports - you can see that information for yourself.

  • Ordering Safeguards

    ConceptRx makes extra effort to ensure that you know about potential problems with your order. The software checks several things such as: Is an item already on order? Is the item's expiration date coming up soon? Could you be paying a better price for an item? Has the item been flagged as "do not order" by you or another pharmacist? And more.

  • Industry-Standard Security

    ConceptRx utilizes industry-standard security practices to protect your account from the many security threats that exist on the web.