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BidGenerics LLC dba ConceptRx.com Terms and Conditions of Use
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By creating an account and logging in you are testifying that you have read, understand and agree to “Terms and Conditions of Use” as stated and that you are authorized to enter into this agreement by the properly licensed company identified in your account signup information.

ConceptRx.com’s Mission:

To provide a competitive online generic drug buying group environment wherein Participants may transact business efficiently and transparently.

Participant agrees not collaborate off-site with “The Site’s” Suppliers in an effort to obtain or give better prices. Participant agrees not to use pricing data obtain on the ConceptRx.com website to negotiate prices with any Supplier(s) off-site. Participants agree not to share pricing data obtained from the website with any other parties including wholesalers, buying groups or other pharmacies. This would be counterproductive and threaten the mission of “The Site” established to benefit all participants.

Right to suspend or terminate participation.

“The Site” reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of any participant immediately and without warning or cause. Reasons “The Site” may terminate a participant include but are not limited to actions which undermine the mission of “The Site”, violating another participant’s information or data, selling to “The Site” participants “off-site”, receipt of complaints by other participants of poor service or unfair treatment, etc.

“The Site” liability.

While “The Site” makes every effort to ensure the data and information posted on ConceptRx.com is accurate and timely “The Site” assumes no responsibility or liability for any price data or other information posted by any participant. No participant shall seek to hold “The Site” liable for any data or information posted on ConceptRx.com. As noted in the “Right to suspend or terminate participation” paragraph any participant who in the opinion of “The Site” intentionally or unintentionally posts inaccurate data could be subject to suspension or termination.

While “The Site” makes reasonable efforts to ensure participants are properly licensed it is the responsibility of all participants transacting business to ensure those they buy from or sell to are properly licensed to buy or sell in their locale. “The Site” does not sell or buy products. “The Site” facilitates the transactions between buyers and sellers who have chosen to do business with each other after having performed their due diligence with each other as they would if transacting business not on ConceptRx.com. “The Site” makes no warranty as to the quality, safety, or legality of any products listed on the “The Site” website. “The Site” is not liable in any way for problems with transactions between buyers and sellers including but not limited to: incomplete orders, wrong charges, late shipments, unexpected price changes, and/or damaged orders. “The Site” does not guarantee payment or credits for orders received through ConceptRx.com nor does it handle payments or credits between suppliers and buyers. “The Site” urges all Participants to work together to resolve issues that arise in the course of doing business, however should a Buyer have a bad or unfair experience with a supplier “The Site” wants to know about it. Buyer complaints demonstrating poor supplier performance could result in the suspension or termination of the supplier’s account. Buyer complaints should be emailed to support@conceptrx.com.

Sharing data and information.

“The Site” does not sell or share Participant’s information with any other entity except other approved Participants for the purpose of fulfilling “The Site’s” mission.

When Participant’s account has been properly terminated Participant’s data and information will no longer be available to other Participants, however “The Site” retains historical data and information for as long as “The Site” deems necessary.


BidGenerics LLC dba ConceptRx.com herein known as “The Site”. ConceptRx.com is “the website”.

“Buyer” is a properly licensed pharmacy. “Supplier” is any entity that is properly licensed to sell generic drugs to licensed pharmacies.

“Participant” is either a buyer (licensed pharmacy) or supplier (“Supplier”) who creates a ConceptRx.com account and agrees to it’s Terms and Conditions of Use.

These terms and conditions shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of the United States and any disputes will be decided only by Illinois Courts.